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Commercial Washing Machine Tips For Best Use

Every laundry business requires high-quality machines that can help meet customer demand. However, washing machines are expensive and come in different sizes and brands. It is hard to know what to choose. Continental Girbau is a leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, offering top-notch machines that can meet your daily business needs. However, for these machines to live up to their lifespan, they must be used appropriately. In this post, we share tips on getting the most out of your machine.

Choose an appropriate machine

The best way to use a laundry machine is to ensure you use the right one for the task. If, for example, you run a commercial laundromat, you cannot use a home-grade washing machine. You need a commercial-grade machine that can handle large loads. As such, before you choose a machine, consider your daily requirements and invest in a high-quality and reliable machine that will help you meet those needs. This machine should also be the right fit for the kind of fabric you handle. Choose a Continental Girbau laundry machine with adjustable settings to adjust the temperature to suit each type of fabric conveniently.

Keep the door slightly open

Mold and mildew tend to thrive in dump areas. This mold then develops a musty odor that is highly unpleasant. When you keep your machine’s door closed throughout, you stop proper air circulation, which is necessary for drying the machine after each use. Keep the machine’s door slightly open after each wash to allow drying.

Run a hot cycle frequently

Regular use of the machine can lead to the build-up of detergent and fabric softeners. This build-up can lead to poor results and decreased machine efficiency. As such, scheduling a regular hot cycle is essential, especially when the machine is not in use. This will help to remove the build-up and any accumulation of residues. In addition, the hot temperature will kill any germs and bacteria in the machine. This will, in the end, keep the machine functional and efficient in its results.

Regularly maintain the machine

Regular maintenance of your machines is necessary. It keeps the machine running smoothly. So, schedule your maintenance routines to clean the drum and detergent dispenser and remove any build-up. Check for since of leakage and malfunctions due to wear and tear. If a part is damaged or worn out, have it repaired or replaced by a professional technician. The user manual provides recommendations on proper maintenance, and you can use it as your guide.

Remember to read the instruction manual.

Lastly, before using any machine, take time to read the instruction manual. It provides all the information you need on how to correctly use it, including the type of detergent to use and how to clean and maintain the machine. Follow all instructions carefully, as failure to do so can result in damage and decreased performance.

The best way to use a machine is to ensure you use a suitable machine for the job. If your laundry demands are high, get a machine that can handle a large load. Plan regular hot cycles and cleanings to get rid of any residue that could hurt the machine. This helps to keep the machine performing at its optimal level.

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